Blue Gentian Rd, Sunfish Lake, Minnesota

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The Grand Oak business center is designed for convenience, whether you’re working alone or networking with the diverse business community of Minneapolis-Saint Paul! With the center, comes great offers and essential office equipment on hand to ensure a smooth, comfortable transition to this business center! The Grand Oak includes many facilities such as conference rooms, with its state of the art technology, kitchen facilities with stocked vending machines for your pleasure and break rooms with lounge seating for those relaxing lunch breaks. The center also offers two fitness centers, great for those before and after work gym sessions! As well as plenty of on-site dining such as the ‘Time Out Restaurant’, a sports bar for those football fanatics, ‘Jimmy John’s gourmet sandwiches’ and plenty of coffee shops, great for those early morning work days! This grand, striking building boasts a professional, efficient workplace for all your company needs!


The Grand Oak business center is situated in an ideal location, sitting next to the I-35E intersection, which means it is easily accessible to all clients and employees. The center has an abundant of parking on site, great for all those employees who travel. The center is also a five minute commute to the international airport, which is a great location for both out of town clients, or a great excuse for those long weekends away!

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